Welcome to the website of Bio-Agro Our core business activity is production of dried brewer’s yeast.

About Us

Welcome to the website of Bio-Agro
Our core business activity is production of dried brewer’s yeast. Due to its outstanding feeding properties and composition our yeast is a valuable and universal feed component.

Spray-drying technology used in our plant ensures high quality of product which is well recognized on European markets.

Dried brewer’s yeast is extracted from so called yeast slurry which is by-product of beer production, gained after alcoholic fermentation. After many years of experience in slurry processing we applied – as a first company in Poland – spray-drying technology. Our unique and environment-friendly process was registered in Polish Patent Office and it became law protected.

Development of this original technology was followed by the construction of yeast drying plant located in Blok Dobryszyce in łódzkie voivodeship. Our factory complies with strict regulations of HACCP quality system and it is surely one of the most modern plants of its type in Europe. Continous and high quality of our yeast is guaranteed by full automation of production process and constant supervision of veterinary authorities.

Bio-Agro was founded in 2001 by one of major Polish animal feed producers – Golpasz S.A. from Golub-Dobrzyń. Since the beginning it has been our main goal to meet our customers’ needs by providing them with excellent quality products. Effectiveness of our activities is proven by numerous group of regular and satisfied customers. We strongly hope that you will become one of them soon. What makes us perfect business partner for you is also our reliable economic standing and flexible management.

Thank you for your interest in Bio-Agro and we kindly encourage you to check our offer and contact us directly!

Our Offer

We are pleased to offer dried brewer’s yeast of saccharomyces cerevisiae strain.

Our yeast is extracted from a by-product of beer production – yeast slurry. Due to the application of spray-drying process our yeast is rich in highly digestible proteins, amino acids, microelements as well as vitamins which are seriously diminished by traditional drum-drying technologies.

Yeast produced by Bio-Agro is a loose powder of color from cream to beige. It is supplied either in 25kg paper sacks or 500/1000kg big-bags.

Basic chemical characteristics of Bio-Agro’s yeast prove that our product is a valuable feed component, rich in nutrients and vitamins (especially of group B). Unlike drum-dried molasses yeast our brewer’s yeast is also a good source of vitamins A and E. Such composition makes it a very attractive additive for compound feed for young animals.

Yeast of saccharomyces cerevisiae strain is the only one to contain mannose oligosaccharide which is present in yeast cell walls. It regulates intestinal flora and enhances immunity but its main advantage is a reduction of growth of pathogens such as: E. coli, Salmonella pullorum, Salmonella typhinurium, Clastridium botulinum i Clastridium sporogium. Feeding dairy cattle with brewer’s yeast decreases number of somatic cells in milk. Apart from that it boosts yield of milk and improves metabolism and rumen efficiency. Finally it results in greater fertility of cows.

Being an important source of valuable nutrients, yeast contributes to the increase in consumption and better digestibility of feed, stabilization of acid management in intestines and stomach as well as to the reduction of digestion disturbances. Apart from that, using dry yeast in compound feed production fosters the fertility growth and stability of the general health condition.

Thanks to its dietetic and probiotic properties as well as to the presence of high quality, easily available proteins, natural vitamins (mainly of group B) and amino acids necessary for the animals to grow (lysine, methionine, threonine, cystine, tryptophan), dried brewer’s yeast is one of the most valuable natural products used in animal feeding. Should you wish to learn more please have a look at full declaration of quality of our yeast. Moreover, due to its high quality our product is well recognized in food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry. We are looking forward to providing you with Bio-Agro’s dried brewer’s yeast!



Dried brewer’s yeast is one of the most valuable natural ingredients used in animal feeding.

Among its advantages we identify:

Parameter Unit Content FEED YEAST
General protein EXTRA % above 40 Saccharomyces cerevisiae strain
Humidity % 7,0 ± 1,0 Production method Atomization
Raw fat % max 0,5 Form Loose dust
Raw ash % avg.6-7; max 8 Colour From cream to beige
Raw fibre % max 1,5 Packages paper bags 25 kg
Vitamin B mg/kg 15,10   big bags 500/1000 kg
Vitamin A unit/kg 14 000  
Vitamin E mg/kg 9,50 AMINO ACIDS
Ash not soluble in HCl g/kg 3,2 Name Unit Content
Calcium Ca g/kg 3,20 Lysine g/kg 30,50
Sodium Na mg/kg 232 Methionine g/kg 5,80
Phosphorus P g/kg 11,50 Threonine g/kg 21,50
Potassium K g/kg 17,00 Tryptophan g/kg 5,60
Iron Fe mg/kg 69,70 Cystine g/kg 4,40
Copper Cu mg/kg 1,48 Leucine g/kg 30,00
Magnesium Mg mg/kg 1,94 Isoleucine g/kg 20,70
Manganese Mn mg/kg 4,68 Valine g/kg 25,70
Zink Zn mg/kg 64,00 Histidine g/kg 10,70
Selenium Se mg/kg 0,15 Arginine g/kg 19,90
Fluorine F mg/kg 10,90 Serine g/kg 21,90
Glutamic acid g/kg 56,00 Alanine g/kg 21,20
Aspartic acid g/kg 40,10 Phenylalanine g/kg 18,90
  Tyrosin g/kg 12,90
  Glycin g/kg 16,10